Coming Back From An Injury

After suffering a serious physical injury, or from a chronic condition such as arthritis, the greatest challenge the sufferer has to endure is getting back to a reasonable state of physical capability. Muscles that have been seriously violated take a long time to heal. The same is true for bone and joint injuries. The problem is not only how far out of condition the muscle has gotten but also the pain. Severe pain can make it nearly impossible to do even the simplest of tasks. A pinched-nerve injury or bursitis in the shoulder and arm prevents the sufferer from even being able to properly grasp a drinking cup or a pencil, and makes closing the hand into a fist a very unpleasant experience.

The Medicine That Helps

In all such cases, recovering from injury or long-term illness is facilitated by a program of physical therapy. This involves a series of exercises and massages. Also involved in the program is the use of techniques such as application of liniments, heat, cold water, ultrasound and electrical nerve stimulation. Together, these enhance function and range of movement. The object of the program is to improve strength and endurance, increase movement flexibility, and reduce pain. Improvements in coordination and balance are also effected in cases such as recovery from a stroke. Patients exploring entries for “physical therapy Denver” in the phonebook or online are searching for experienced practitioners. These professionals have assisted in the recovery from all manner of injury and difficulty for patients attempting to restore physical function and again enjoy a normal life.

How It Works

Patients are referred to clinics such as Denver’s Cherry Creek Wellness Center by their physicians. The doctor will outline the course of treatments necessary to effect recovery in stages. This measured program is the key to a proper recovery process. Exercise that is improperly planned or carried out too aggressively often worsens the initial condition. Instead of a recovery, further injury occurs that can set back recovery by many months or even years. To avoid this consequence, the doctor first prescribes the course of treatment. This is then taken to the staff therapists. With the involvement of both doctor and patient, they plan the staged exercise program for recovery. The therapists and nurses at Cherry Creek Wellness Center are board certified in multiple disciplines and fully trained in every form of therapeutic exercise.

Progress In Stages

By following a strict schedule of exercise and treatment, the patient attains improvement in carefully measured steps. As both physical strength and range of motion as well as pain reduction progresses, physical capability is gradually restored at minimal risk of further injury. If such a setback should occur, the therapists can readjust the program to suit the new condition and gradually recover previous progress. By the time a patient no longer needs to visit Cherry Creek Wellness Center, he or she will be able to again lead a meaningful, physically capable life once again.


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